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If the domain investor or website owner has taken proper backups, the process of moving a website or blog is not very complicated. However the process is very time consuming especially if a wordpress blog with a lot of advertising has to be moved.

Moving a static website with HTML pages is comparatively simple, specifically for websites with less than 50 pages. After creating a new account for the domain on the new web hosting, the pages can be quickly uploaded using FTP. Some of the indian webhosting companies are blocking FTP making fake malware allegations which is very inconvenient for the webmaster

In some cases,the new webhosting company will arrange to move the websites from the earlier webhosting company. However,in some cases, like the Nexusbytes fiasco in January, February 2023, the servers are down , so the webmaster has to restore from the backups which are available. Additionally the hired hackers are often deleting the backup files from the computer hard disk, so the domain investor has to search backups from other sources.

Wordpress backup restoration process is very time consuming, even the backup xml files are available. First the wordpress importer has to be installed. Finding a suitable new wordpress theme is also a major problem in 2023. Most of the ad networks are preferring simple them, where the html code is easily readable. But in 2023, most of themes available are block themes, where the html code is not displayed.

Additionally the hackers hired are also making the internet connection very slow whenever any wordpress website is being loaded. In some cases it can take at least 10-15 minutes for the wordpress page to open, especially during the day. So it advisable to do the website moving work early in the morning when the internet connection is faster since fewer people are using the internet in the morning before 8.30 am

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