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The webmaster offers consultancy on how to move/transfer your website keeping the downtime to the minimum. The webmaster has more than ten years experience in managing websites, one of the largest networks of websites owned by any Indian, at one time more than 500 websites were operational, and ensuring that these websites are always available, despite being hacked repeatedly.

Ensuring that websites are always up can be a major challenge for any webmaster, especially for a large network of websites distributed across multiple webhosting companies across the world . If anyone needs help, kindly contact at for details

Kindly note that the webmaster is aware of a major internet scam in india wherein the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector and companies like google, tata, paypal are falsely claiming that inexperienced greedy lazy fraud girlfriends of these officials have got fake references of the experience, qualification and investment of the webmaster to appoint these greedy cheater frauds to the most important government jobs in the country in the internet sector.

These frauds including goa's cheater 2012 medical diploma holder from father agnel, verna, goa siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, bangalore's cheater housewife, nayanshree hathwar are extremely dangerous cheaters who cannot be trusted and have never ever managed a website . The inexperienced crooked medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar commited corporate espionage on this webmaster and was rewarded with a very lucrative government job for the fraud, falsely claiming that she has the experience of the webmaster. Nayanshree hathwar cheated the webmaster of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, and now refuses to reply, allegedly knowing that google, tata, paypal will reward her for the rest of her life, with a very lucrative indian government job, for her great fraud of looting a vulnerable single woman of her hard earned money, falsely claiming that nayanshree hathwar has the experience of the webmaster she cheated . Legal action will be initiated soon to end the fraud

Hence kindly note that these friends of powerful officials are not associated with the webmaster in any way, though the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector may be making false claims promoting these lazy mediocre dishonest women. The webmaster has already suffered a lot due to the cheating and exploitation by powerful officials behind her back, and does not want any more people to be misguided by these officials or companies.