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While a planned website transfer will be preferred, A webmaster will be forced to change webhosting when
1. the webhosting company goes out of business for a variety of reasons, some beyond the control of the business owner
2. the webhosting company refuses to provide technical support
3. regulatory reason
In such cases, the website will be down without a prior notification to the webmaster, who usually assume that the website is working fine. While it is relatively easy to monitor a single website, for a network of websites, it can be very time consuming and expensive. If the webmaster has been using an ad network, the ad network will send a notification that the website will be down, and corrective action will have to be taken at the earliest to prevent loss of revenues. Most PPC and CPM ad networks will not send a notification of the downtime, while text link ad network will notify the seller that the ad is not being displayed. Only if the publisher is monitoring the revenues for the ad network, they will be aware of downtime. In some cases, in India, large companies will hire contractors to remove the ad code to financially cripple smaller companies .